Hurricane Matthew may affect our services

PayPerHost continues to closely monitor Hurricane Matthew as it continues to track through the Caribbean. Based on the latest forecasts, we are expecting hurricane conditions in the area of our Miami data center.

What services may be affected:

  • Web hosting in the Miami data center,
  • admin panels,
  • customer support.

Services located in the European data center should not be affected.

The PayPerHost team.

Introducing RoboNodes – Fully autonomous, ultra dense, ultra efficient data center of the future

We are extremely excited that we can share with you what we have been working on for the last year.


As you know, we at PayPerHost have a good track record of innovation. We were the first in the world to disrupt the web hosting market by delivering a truly pay-as-you-go pricing which slashed the prices of web hosting. We also delivered unique features such as End-to-end data protection, 100% MySQL data in RAM and 180 backups as standard.

But today we are announcing our biggest innovation yet.

In today’s data centers, cold air is pumped into the server room and thousands of small fans in the servers are moving the air thought the servers. The hot air coming out of the server is lost by mixing with the cold air. In better cases there are cold&hot isles, but it is still far from being efficient.

The server rack is more than 50 years old. And we decided it is time for the rack to retire.

Please watch our RoboNodes video introduction:

Free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for all our customers!

We are happy to announce that starting from today all our customers can get free SSL certificates for all domains that are hosted with us.

Having your web site secured with https has many advantages, including better SEO. Search engines such as Google and Bing give secured web sites a priority in their search results.

We believe that all web sites should be encrypted. Providing SSL certificates for free will greatly help to achieve this goal.

PayPerHost low cost pricing offers the best value for you and not having to pay for SSL certificates will lover your expenses even more.

How to enable LetsEncrypt SSL on your domain?

  1. Login to our admin panel at
  2. Nqavigate to the domain list
  3. Click on the SSL icon

Please note that enabling SSL will do not automatically redirect your visitors to the https version.

How to redirect your visitors to the https version in WordPress?

  1. Once you have your SSL certificate generated, login to your wordpress
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General
  3. Change http:// to https:// in both the WordPress Address and Site Address
  4. Install plugin WordPress Force HTTPS. The plugin requires no configuration
  5. Reset your page cache plugin (only if you use some)


Why I do not see the lock icon in the address bar?

If you are on the encrypted (https://) version of your web site and you do not see the lock icon, it means that some of your content such as an image, css or js file is loaded from unsecured (http://) location. Make sure that all your web site resources are loaded from secure locations.

To investigate which files are causing the mixed content problem, open your web browser developer tools and look for errors and warnings.

Why I do not see the green address bar?

Free domain validated certificates will only display a lock icon in the address bar.

Green address bar require Extended validation certificates. Those are the most expensive certificates and you must validate your physical address and identity.

To get the green bar certificate, please contact our support and we will be happy to assist you.

Jun/14 – Relocation of the EU data center

Following multiple downtimes in our EU data center, we have decided to move our servers to a brand new and very green data center Digitalis.

The relocation will be performed tomorrow, Jun 14 at 19:00 UTC+0 (21:00 CET).

Due to close proximity of the data centers, we are expecting downtime between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Here are some highlights of DC Digitalis:

  • Adiabatic evaporation cooling
  • Rotary UPS installed instead of dirty batteries
  • Residual heat is used to heat the near by greenhouses, motor generators and machine rooms
  • Can house up to 340 racks, which represents space for 8,160 servers with standard dimensions
  • DC Digitalis needs two-thirds less energy to supply the supporting infrastructure than conventional data centres.

Thank you for understanding.

We are preparing some freebies for you

We have received couple of requests to offer freebies like PPC advertising coupons with our web hosting. So we started negotiating couple of deals and we would like to know your opinion:

What coupons are you most interested in? Please send your suggestions to our support or just leave a comment.

You will soon find a new menu in your admin panel called Bonuses that will contain all the custom deals that we have prepared for you.

This is an example deal, that we have prepared for you:

We would like to introduce our partner IncParadise which has been doing Incorporation business for over 15 years in all states in USA.

If you are planning to set up company, the easiest way to incorporate is to use services of companies as Incparadise. For only $89 plus State filing fees, they will prepare all documents needed for incorporation. You do not have to visit their office personally or visit Secretary of State. All is done online and in a few easy steps!

Besides forming new companies, IncParadise provides Registered agent service, filling of Annual Reports, Apostilles and much more. All services are provided in all 50 states in USA. You will receive notice when the renewal of some service is due. Thanks to this service, you cannot forget to renew your Registered agent service or Annual Report.

Next interesting service provided by our partner is Mail Forwarding. You can have your own US street address in Las Vegas where you can receive your business correspondence or you can register your company using this address. Moreover, you can have your mail scanned and receive it to your e-mail which is cheaper than forwarding mail.

As customers of our partner you receive access to Company Minutes application where you can create documents such as Annual meeting of shareholders, stock certificates and many others. Your documents will be shipshape and you can invest your time into developing of your business!

2016-03-29 – Planned upgrade of fiber technologies in European datacenter

On the behalf of our data center provider we would like to inform you about planned upgrade of fiber technologies at access point on 2016-03-29 from 9:00 pm until 05:00 am UTC+0.

During the upgrade you might experience short outages of web hosting services.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

New features and bug fixes – December, 2015

Dear customers,

we have been working really hard to improve your pay as you go web hosting experience and here are the most visible changes:

  • One phpMyAdmin for all of our web servers did not scale well, so now each web server has its own phpMyAdmin, which significantly increases performance. You will find the new phpMyAdmin location in the Database admin menu.
  • We have installed webFTP to all of our web servers. This was the most commonly requested feature. You will find the Web FTP location in the FTP admin menu.
  • Adminer is now an alternative to phpMyAdmin.  In case you prefer lightweight Adminer as your database management tool, just replace phpmyadmin with adminer in the phpmyadmin URL.
  • We fixed rare bug with ignored htaccess file and many small improvements and bug fixes.


Planned new features

We are currently working on these new features:

  • shell console
  • automatic and free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt
  • domain registration for non-reseller customers
  • new data center locations


We would like to hear from you

Please let us know what features would you like us to implement or what should we improve.

FREE web site and e-mail migration

So you would like to switch to us? And you do not know how? We hear you and you are not alone.

That is why we are introducing free web site and e-mail migration to us.

We will transfer ALL your emails and web sites to us at no charge. All migration work is done usually during weekends or when you have the lowest traffic.

Web site and e-mail migration is done by our qualified professionals. Web sites are migrated by PHP developers.

Now there is nothing to keep your web site from a better home. Just contact us and we will do it for you. Some of our new customers get part of their money back from their old web hosting providers.

Is there a downtime?

No, usually we do it without downtime.

How do we transfer emails?

Just send us a table of emails with passwords. If you do not know the passwords we will need the root access to your VPS.

We can do it without loosing or returning single e-mail and no downtime.

How do we transfer web sites?

Actual web developer will be transferring your web site. We will make all the necessary adjustments in the code of your web site, like changing database settings etc.

In case of transferring the entire VPS or dedicated server, we can even guarantee data consistency.  For example if you have busy eshop and you do not want to loose orders made on old server during the migration we can redirect all traffic at HTTP ports from your old server to new one. Your data will be consistent in exchange for small downtime.


How to take advantage of SEO hosting?

Search engines are constantly grading each and every web site on the internet. Usually it is a number between 0 and 10, the higher the better. The more people link to your web site, the better, because the grade of your web site goes up.

However when people started to create more web sites just to link them together, search engines stared to ignore some back links. For example if one web site is linking to another and they share the same IP address, the backlink just does not count.

This is where SEO hosting or multiple IP hosting comes to rescue. You assign different IP to each of your web site and search engines will consider backlinks as legitimate. Remember, IPs should be on different IP ranges (blocks) as it so on our pay as you go web hosting.

For best results, you should register your domains using different names, or use privacy registration on some of your domains. This way, search engines will have no way of finding a connection between your sites.

Our web hosting offers three IPs for each web server and there are multiple web servers per datacenter and multiple data centers around the world to choose from. It means if you web host with us, you will gain access to many IPs. All this from one account and for free.