We are preparing some freebies for you

We have received couple of requests to offer freebies like PPC advertising coupons with our web hosting. So we started negotiating couple of deals and we would like to know your opinion:

What coupons are you most interested in? Please send your suggestions to our support or just leave a comment.

You will soon find a new menu in your admin panel called Bonuses that will contain all the custom deals that we have prepared for you.

This is an example deal, that we have prepared for you:

We would like to introduce our partner IncParadise which has been doing Incorporation business for over 15 years in all states in USA.

If you are planning to set up company, the easiest way to incorporate is to use services of companies as Incparadise. For only $89 plus State filing fees, they will prepare all documents needed for incorporation. You do not have to visit their office personally or visit Secretary of State. All is done online and in a few easy steps!

Besides forming new companies, IncParadise provides Registered agent service, filling of Annual Reports, Apostilles and much more. All services are provided in all 50 states in USA. You will receive notice when the renewal of some service is due. Thanks to this service, you cannot forget to renew your Registered agent service or Annual Report.

Next interesting service provided by our partner is Mail Forwarding. You can have your own US street address in Las Vegas where you can receive your business correspondence or you can register your company using this address. Moreover, you can have your mail scanned and receive it to your e-mail which is cheaper than forwarding mail.

As customers of our partner you receive access to Company Minutes application where you can create documents such as Annual meeting of shareholders, stock certificates and many others. Your documents will be shipshape and you can invest your time into developing of your business!

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