Jun/14 – Relocation of the EU data center

Following multiple downtimes in our EU data center, we have decided to move our servers to a brand new and very green data center Digitalis.

The relocation will be performed tomorrow, Jun 14 at 19:00 UTC+0 (21:00 CET).

Due to close proximity of the data centers, we are expecting downtime between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Here are some highlights of DC Digitalis:

  • Adiabatic evaporation cooling
  • Rotary UPS installed instead of dirty batteries
  • Residual heat is used to heat the near by greenhouses, motor generators and machine rooms
  • Can house up to 340 racks, which represents space for 8,160 servers with standard dimensions
  • DC Digitalis needs two-thirds less energy to supply the supporting infrastructure than conventional data centres.

Thank you for understanding.

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