Free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for all our customers!

We are happy to announce that starting from today all our customers can get free SSL certificates for all domains that are hosted with us.

Having your web site secured with https has many advantages, including better SEO. Search engines such as Google and Bing give secured web sites a priority in their search results.

We believe that all web sites should be encrypted. Providing SSL certificates for free will greatly help to achieve this goal.

PayPerHost low cost pricing offers the best value for you and not having to pay for SSL certificates will lover your expenses even more.

How to enable LetsEncrypt SSL on your domain?

  1. Login to our admin panel at
  2. Nqavigate to the domain list
  3. Click on the SSL icon

Please note that enabling SSL will do not automatically redirect your visitors to the https version.

How to redirect your visitors to the https version in WordPress?

  1. Once you have your SSL certificate generated, login to your wordpress
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General
  3. Change http:// to https:// in both the WordPress Address and Site Address
  4. Install plugin WordPress Force HTTPS. The plugin requires no configuration
  5. Reset your page cache plugin (only if you use some)


Why I do not see the lock icon in the address bar?

If you are on the encrypted (https://) version of your web site and you do not see the lock icon, it means that some of your content such as an image, css or js file is loaded from unsecured (http://) location. Make sure that all your web site resources are loaded from secure locations.

To investigate which files are causing the mixed content problem, open your web browser developer tools and look for errors and warnings.

Why I do not see the green address bar?

Free domain validated certificates will only display a lock icon in the address bar.

Green address bar require Extended validation certificates. Those are the most expensive certificates and you must validate your physical address and identity.

To get the green bar certificate, please contact our support and we will be happy to assist you.

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