Intertune Acquires PayPerHost

I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of PayPerHost web hosting clients by Intertune, Inc.

When we created PayPerHost, it was one of the most innovative and technologically advanced web hosting platforms in the world. We quickly became the #1 destination for shared pay-as-you-go web hosting. Our innovative pricing model was ahead of the time and greatly benefited customers, since they no longer had to pay for unused data.

We were doing a great job as a innovative and tech-driven company. But we realized we were lagging in marketing, sales and client support. We were a bunch of coders and linux admins and these things were never our core competencies. Our partner and client, Intertune, was very quick to realize the full potential of PayPerHost. After lengthly due diligence we made sure Intertune would be a great fit for the future of PayPerHost.

We are happy to let you know that nothing will change with your pricing and the superb hosting that you are used to.

As part of the transition, I am glad to announce the following:

* Key members of PayPerHost will stay on and work for Intertune.
* Intertune will soon be expanding the PayPerHost offering to include an additional location in Western Europe (France), where you may add PayPerHost accounts.
* Intertune has 24/7 helpdesk staff which will respond to most support requests within 2-4 hours, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Intertune started as a web hosting company in the year 2000. Throughout the years the company has offered many services such as shared and dedicated hosting, email security and consulting. It has worked with small organizations that rely on their expertise, as well as large organizations doing tens of millions of dollars in business per year.
To learn more about Intertune, please visit:

We assure you that there will be no interruption in service during the transition. Also there will be no changes in where your accounts are hosted as Intertune has agreed to purchase and maintain the existing PayPerHost infrastructure in Miami, Florida (US) and Slovakia (EU).

Thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing Intertune continue to expand the pay-as-you-go hosting model we pioneered a couple years ago.

Zsolt Szabo

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