FREE web site and e-mail migration

So you would like to switch to us? And you do not know how? We hear you and you are not alone.

That is why we are introducing free web site and e-mail migration to us.

We will transfer ALL your emails and web sites to us at no charge. All migration work is done usually during weekends or when you have the lowest traffic.

Web site and e-mail migration is done by our qualified professionals. Web sites are migrated by PHP developers.

Now there is nothing to keep your web site from a better home. Just contact us and we will do it for you. Some of our new customers get part of their money back from their old web hosting providers.

Is there a downtime?

No, usually we do it without downtime.

How do we transfer emails?

Just send us a table of emails with passwords. If you do not know the passwords we will need the root access to your VPS.

We can do it without loosing or returning single e-mail and no downtime.

How do we transfer web sites?

Actual web developer will be transferring your web site. We will make all the necessary adjustments in the code of your web site, like changing database settings etc.

In case of transferring the entire VPS or dedicated server, we can even guarantee data consistency.  For example if you have busy eshop and you do not want to loose orders made on old server during the migration we can redirect all traffic at HTTP ports from your old server to new one. Your data will be consistent in exchange for small downtime.


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