New features and bug fixes – December, 2015

Dear customers,

we have been working really hard to improve your pay as you go web hosting experience and here are the most visible changes:

  • One phpMyAdmin for all of our web servers did not scale well, so now each web server has its own phpMyAdmin, which significantly increases performance. You will find the new phpMyAdmin location in the Database admin menu.
  • We have installed webFTP to all of our web servers. This was the most commonly requested feature. You will find the Web FTP location in the FTP admin menu.
  • Adminer is now an alternative to phpMyAdmin.  In case you prefer lightweight Adminer as your database management tool, just replace phpmyadmin with adminer in the phpmyadmin URL.
  • We fixed rare bug with ignored htaccess file and many small improvements and bug fixes.


Planned new features

We are currently working on these new features:

  • shell console
  • automatic and free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt
  • domain registration for non-reseller customers
  • new data center locations


We would like to hear from you

Please let us know what features would you like us to implement or what should we improve.

3 thoughts on “New features and bug fixes – December, 2015”

    1. Free SSL is the most popular feature request so it has the highest priority for us. Hopefully until the end of February.

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