How to take advantage of SEO hosting?

Search engines are constantly grading each and every web site on the internet. Usually it is a number between 0 and 10, the higher the better. The more people link to your web site, the better, because the grade of your web site goes up.

However when people started to create more web sites just to link them together, search engines stared to ignore some back links. For example if one web site is linking to another and they share the same IP address, the backlink just does not count.

This is where SEO hosting or multiple IP hosting comes to rescue. You assign different IP to each of your web site and search engines will consider backlinks as legitimate. Remember, IPs should be on different IP ranges (blocks) as it so on our pay as you go web hosting.

For best results, you should register your domains using different names, or use privacy registration on some of your domains. This way, search engines will have no way of finding a connection between your sites.

Our web hosting offers three IPs for each web server and there are multiple web servers per datacenter and multiple data centers around the world to choose from. It means if you web host with us, you will gain access to many IPs. All this from one account and for free.





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