PHP 7.4 is here!

Web sites on the web1.americas1 server can now take advantage of the latest PHP version (7.4). If you have an existing site that you want migrated to PHP 7.4, please email or open a case to have us enable PHP 7.4. Please understand we do not control your web site and don’t know if it works on PHP 7.4, that is up to you to figure out. We do not take responsibility if your site is not working on PHP 7.4.

Common Questions

I have a new domain and want PHP 7.4
Any new domains added to the Americas server will automatically have the latest PHP version as long as you add a domain to a ‘new’ web account. Any domains added to existing web accounts will still utilize PHP 5.6.

I have several domains and only want a select number of them migrated to PHP 7.4
Migrations to PHP 7.4 on the Americas server can only be done on a per web account basis. If you have multiple domains under a web account, all of the domains under that web account will be migrated to PHP 7.4 at your request. You can see the web accounts listed in your account under the domains page.

When will the Europe servers have PHP 7?
We intend to migrate the Europe servers to new infrastructure toward the end of May, please stay tuned.

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